Hello everyone My name is Michael Whyte. Thanks for visitiong our site.  My family have been coffee farmers for 3 generations. We  produce some of the best coffee in the world – Blue mountain.  For this we are truly proud.  We live a humble and simple life but the satisfaction we get from our work; knowing that the coffee beans that we produce from our very own soil is being enjoyed and appreciated by folks all around the world is the reason we love what we do so very much.  I spent the last four and a half years studying in the United States.  Since my return, I have been trying to convince my father to start selling our coffee directly to retailers and consumers in America. This would earn us a much better living for the tireless work we do every single day. We sell our product (and have done so for generations) to the large coffee estates down here.  We work hard and produce high quality beans, but we are still living hand to mouth.  My father is quite ok with this  – and so was I before I went away.  But I now realize that there is a better way to sell our beans. Hence this website.  You can find out some more about our coffee and my family on  my blog. Thanks again for visiting our site.




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